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Mosquito Control In Kalyan

Honeybees control also........

We, Janhavi pest control management services are here for care of your lovely home,corporate offices ,hotels and much more places which are in use of your daily routine. we have situated mainly at dombivali, Mumbai. We provides services all over Maharashtra because our branches are available at Raigad,Solapur,Pune,Nashik,kokan akola in profitable rate due to maintain quality & assurance of our work as compared to other service providers

At JANHAVI PEST CONTROL, we assure you quick, effective, and satisfactory means to do away with a variety of pests that may be breeding in your establishments, causing ruckus and a wreck everywhere you go. It is extremely difficult to get rid of infestations such as these, and that is exactly when you pick up the phone and call the doctor. Sometimes, you really need a professional to do some work for you, and in case of any kind of pest-related issues, JANHAVI PEST CONTROL is your ideal option. JANHAVI PEST CONTROL is a company that provides pest control services that range from the most common ones, such as termite control and rat control, to the slightly tougher and uncommon ones, such as fogging operations, honeybee hive removal, and the likes. Our services are varied and effective, and we try to be the perfect, one–stop solution for all your pest-related problems. We have already amazed clients to a great extent, which include most of the big and well-known companies to large-size residential schemes, and continue to provide them with our services. They are extremely happy and satisfied with our work, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be.

We provides services at high priority level about mosquito control, rat control, termite, bed bugs and cockroaches .let’s start with mosquito ,we think mosquito is small insect they can’t hurt much more to us but disease like malaria, elephantiasis,dengue which are very dangerous are spreading by mosquito bites. So we have to take care by avoiding collection of water in roadside dumps ,empty drums with water filled not more than 4-5 days. Inform municipality of your area to clean dump areas and dustbin regularly.At JANHAVI PEST CONTROL we provide fogg treatment to totally clean and insect-free area.


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