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Cockroach Control In Kalyan

cockroaches are the insects which are living on earth since million of years in human society,since the dinosaurs were on the earth.They are most adaptable creature on any environment.there are around 4000 species of cockroaches in the whole world. About of it around 128 types of species are found in India itself. Cockroaches normally found at resident areas and homes where warm environment and food and water.Cockroaches are very dangerous that they cause allergies and asthma attacks,and it usually attacks small children's due to less Retribution power .They spread some dangerous bacteria's which are dangerous to health.

cockroaches can be called nocturnal because they get out rarely in daylight but mainly in night.All species like to live or say prefers to be in warm areas ,so its usual they can be found in houses because they get food in night. Some interesting things about cockroaches is that some female species of cockroaches mate only once in life and pregnant for lifetime .they can live up to one week without head ,and they can hold their breath up to 45 minutes. cockroaches can live without food around a month and two months without water.They can be in size around 0.1 to 3 cm .they normally use wings to fly.Having waxy covering they cannot sink and will be easily swims through water and they can be under water around 10 minutes.Being omnivorous,they can eat all things .They does not digest food by their own they have to depend on their parasites protozoa which digest food.

Impacts on human beings :

    • cockroaches are insects which crawl on any dirty things all around our homes where germs and bacteria are found in a excess amount.
    • They can make food poisonous by releasing their skins particles.their dirty skins and waste are very allergic which causes allergic symptoms,asthma and other high level disease which can harm you that enough for going at hospitals, Usually for children
    • They can cause dangerous urinal problems and digestive issues to human body.
    • Some biting species can cause dangerous wounds to body's delicate parts.
    • Saliva secretion of some species can be reason for skin rashes or sneezing or water coming from eyes.

How to prevent from :

1.Cockroaches are one of the most adaptable insects on earth,therefore controlling them is a very ridiculous task. Solution to this ,WE suggest to keep your food in closed containers.Seal out all the cracks and potholes in homes.

2.Daily empty your garbage as early as possible.seal out all entry points for water pipes ,valves or the places by the way pest could enter.All spaces should be kept clean and dry.

3.Areas of cooking,eating and storing for food should be neat & clean.

4.don't keep books shelf open and clean it regularly.

5.Pest control is best option and solution for it,So good habitat is your right and we(Janhavi Pest Control)are here to help you to get out of this infestation.Our support team is always with you 24*7 and 365 days.


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