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Mission Statament

M/s. JANHAVI PEST CONTROLis one of the most well known, INTERSTATE acclaimed companies that provides pest control services of the highest order, and is also pretty well acknowledged as an excellent service provider as such. It would not be wrong to say that we were one of the pioneers of pest control service providers, going back years, and the fact that we still maintain ourselves in the top bracket of appreciation when it comes to service-providing companies, means that we have, indeed, worked extremely hard for this status. Hailing from the beautiful city MUMBAI, our company has now spread its branches to every nook and corner of the Maharashtra state.

Our Basicmotive behind providing these services is the fact that human beings, as they are known for their superior intelligence, need to progress further at work as well as at home, and in order to do that effectively, they need to be free of any kind of distraction whatsoever, especially not an attractive one. It would do us no good if the structures we built with our sweat and blood as our workplaces or our dwellings ended up getting ruined because of other living beings. Instead, it then becomes necessary to exterminate them completely from within the structure as well as from the surrounding area, so that we can live and work in peace.

Our Vision, then, is one of a world without pests of any kind, wherein we work and live with the greatest enthusiasm possible, without being much concerned about them gradually bringing down our buildings.

Our Mission, naturally, then comprises of trying to achieve this vision to the greatest extent possible, and trying to help people live better and more effective lives. We simply try to get rid of that one more problem that would keep eating at your mind and consciousness and create a lot of trouble for you. We consider ourselves to be self appointed, with a mission to aid people as much as we can, and to exterminate all unhygienic and totally foul invasions of our homes and workplaces, as done by various other living beings, from annoying little termites that burrow through our furniture, to rodents of all kinds that nibble away anything that we may find useful or useless in the house. From slimy lizards to sleazy snakes, and from astonishingly quick-breeding cockroaches to determined ant infestations, we remove and get rid of all kinds of pests for you, so you can live a healthier and happier life, and so can the architectural edifices that you move around in.

Such is our vision and mission, and these are our goals, which we suppose are common with yours too, except that we provide such services, and you would like to receive them. We seem to have fallen in a rather perfect situation, don’t you think? Well, it depends on you whether to take advantage of our expertise or not. Try calling us, will you? We’re here, wide awake and waiting to help.


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