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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Need some good riddance from household or other pests? Wondering whom to call and what to do? Well, here’s your answer! At JANHAVI PEST CONTROL, we assure you quick, effective, and satisfactory means to do away with a variety of pests that may be breeding in your establishments, causing ruckus and a wreck everywhere you go. It is extremely difficult to get rid of infestations such as these, and that is exactly when you pick up the phone and call the doctor. Sometimes, you really need a professional to do some work for you, and in case of any kind of pest-related issues, JANHAVI PEST CONTROL is your ideal option. JANHAVI PEST CONTROL is a company that provides pest control services that range from the most common ones, such as termite control and rat control, to the slightly tougher and uncommon ones, such as fogging operations, honeybee hive removal, and the likes. Our services are varied and effective, and we try to be the perfect, one–stop solution for all your pest-related problems. We have already amassed clients to a great extent, which include most of the big and well-known companies to large-size residential schemes, and continue to provide them with our services. They are extremely happy and satisfied with our work, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be. For us, no bit of work is unimportant. We try our best to give everyone equal importance, and to maintain our relations with every one of our clients as such. We believe that your needs are imperative, and our services are truly essential to rid you of your troubles. Thus, we strive to maintain a level of competence rarely seen among other service providers.

We understand the urgency of your situation, considering the extent to which infestations can spread, and know the need to annihilate every bit of them completely, at the earliest. That is why we ensure that every client is attended to as soon as possible, whether the job is small or big. Apart from that, we also assure our clients the best quality products when it comes to the use of pesticide chemicals, which would do only what is required of them, that is to get rid of the various infestations, and would not harm the structure, or the people within it. Thus, we do our level best in order to provide you with the most ideal option when it comes to pest control, and see that we live up to your expectations. Our job is to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted running of your domestic and work life, and that is what we will do. But then again, you need to let us know first that you require our services. In case you do, call us. We are always ready to help! Contact Us.

  • West treat powder & liquid.
  • Carbolic powder.
  • Pesticides.(Methyl Pyrethrin 2% DP)
  • Insecticides. (Temephos 50% EC)



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