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Termite Control

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When a source of food (wood) is not actually touching the soil, termites must build shelter tubes between the soil and the wood to protect them from sun and air currents, and to maintain the high relative humidity that they need to survive.
Ironically, these tiny insects that can literally eat you out of house and home are actually very delicate. Without the protection afforded by shelter tubing, they wouldn’t be able to survive the trip between the soil and a piece of wood only a few inches away.

Large colonies can produce very intricate networks of shelter tubing, which often are the first visible signs of an infestation. Unfortunately, many people mistake visible tubing for mud or mortar (which is one more good reason to have your home inspected every so often by a qualified termite control expert).

Process:-Treatment comprises drilling holes in the junction of floor and wall, in internal part of the premises, soaking them with the termiticide and sealing them. This makes a completely undetectable chemical barrier around your property


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