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Who We are

Janhavi Pest Control, Welcome to an infestation-free world; a world that stands clear of and unaffected by the invasion of any kind of pests one can ever think of or imagine! Pests, whether household or otherwise, are the most unwanted and uninvited “guests” you can ever entertain, especially since they arrive and breed against your wishes. Let’s face it they are downright frustrating. Unless and until you get them out of your way, there is no guarantee that your beautiful establishments will actually remain the same.

The worst part about having such infestations is the fact that they tend to overrun the entire establishment and treat it as their own, damaging a lot of property and costing too much, in terms of money as well as time. You wouldn’t want to hang around a place wondering just which part of it is untouched by certain pests, and working just there if and when you find any. This occurrence is quite a common one, and thus, you need a simple, smart solution that aids you, firstly, in curing a place of all kinds of pests in a complete and thorough way, and secondly, in maintaining the establishment better by preventive measures that you can take as such.

Our Services

We at M/s. JANHAVI PEST CONTROL provide exactly these services. We are the perfect solution to your pest problems. We take care of pests of various origin, shapes and sizes; from termite control to bird control, and from reptile control to complete rodent control. We provide a quick and focused response and answer to your troubled queries, since we understand the true and dire need that you would be in, considering any kind of establishment that you have helped create. Your job is to create, ours is to maintain.

At present, we serve through various branches all over MUMBAI, NAVI MUMBAI & THANE. One wouldn’t be wrong to say that we run practically. Our other patented product, known well as ITEM secure, is the part that deals with termite control issues.

Work Accuracy

Only dedicated work and consistent performance in terms of quality of services and devotion to the given task can help us achieve such heights. Our work is thus clean and almost perfect, as we provide a well-targeted response. We simply need your trust and nominal expenditure on your behalf, in order to free your architectural structure from being run over by pests of any kind.

Team Leadership

So trust us, since the rest of the world does so, and let us know your pest-related issues. We shall try to give you the very best of our considerably good abilities, so as to keep you happy and trouble-free. Customer satisfaction is something few people achieve, especially in the world of parasitical pests, and we believe we have truly achieved that point where we are absolutely sure that no one would ever leave our doorstep dissatisfied or discontent with our work. Basically, it’s like being in love – your troubles are all ours now. Try us, and we’re sure you will receive the very best. We are waiting for your call.


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